We all have these 8 reasons to be grateful

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If there’s one thing we’re all a little guilty of, it’s overcomplicating gratitude. We set so many conditions on gratitude – especially when going through tough times.

Now I know what you’re thinking – “If everyone has these reasons to be grateful, then why should anyone be grateful?” But think about this – if everyone has these reasons to be grateful, you should be all-the-more grateful.

  1. The opportunity to make better decisions than your last

    So things may not be going the way you want them to in life. You may have made some bad decisions and are facing the consequences. You may not have made any bad decisions at all. The good news is you have a decision now. Will you make the same choice? Or will you change for the better?

  2. The challenges that allow you to grow

    Sheltered birds never leave the nest. Challenged birds have the entire sky to explore. Your challenges have affected you greatly. But they also help you see the bigger picture, help you explore the sky.

  3. The funny things in life

    Remember how it feels to laugh so hard your chest hurts, to cackle like an animal, to laugh until your face goes red. Life is funny sometimes. Appreciate the humour.

  4. Health in any amount

    We’re not all blessed with the same good health. However we were never promised that we’d all be as healthy as each other. You have life right now. You have health in some amount. Make it count.

  5. The ability to read learn

    You are reading this article right now. If you’re not reading it, you’re having it read to you. You are able to learn in some form. This means you are able to learn and grow.

  6. Adventurous kids

    We love seeing the reckless abandonment and utter joy kids have when playing free in our campground. It reminds us to stay adventurous, to keep exploring.

  7. Bare feet on grass (extra points for freshly mowed grass)

    It’s difficult to explain the feeling of sinking your bare feet into grass. But it’s something we can all appreciate.

  8. The renewal of spring

Every year the seasons cycle, bringing new life every spring. The ground doesn’t fail to restart and refresh itself every year – there’s a form of hope in that which we should all be grateful for.