Top creative experiences in Rotorua

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From a boardroom meeting to a humble school camp, we all love the chance to express our creativity. Luckily for us, Rotorua has a trove of experiences available to help get those creative juices flowing. Here are our top four picks.

Get lost - literally!

Lose yourself and test your creative problem solving at one of Rotorua’s challenging mazes. Mazes and escape rooms require a fun mix of street smarts and book smarts to solve the problem. They also provide an opportunity for team bonding like no other.

If you love creative problem solving, there are two top picks in Rotorua. aMAZE me is home to a fun 1.4 kilometer hedge maze - a favourite for children and adults. For the master escapees, Escape Masters offer a thrilling range of escape rooms complete with puzzles, brain teasers and a lot of fun.

Trick your mind and your lens

Did you know Rotorua is home to a 3D Trick Art Gallery? Strike a pose with an pterodactyl, ride a dolphin, or be blown away by a geyser in this lifelike exhibition. We won’t ruin all the surprises but take our word for it - this exhibit is not to be missed!

The 3D Trick Art Gallery will stretch your creativity with inspiringly innovative works of art. The gallery is also located next to some of Rotorua’s other top attractions, making it hard to miss.

Reset yourself in nature

Are you a walk in the park or run for the hills type of person? A quiet moment or two in nature is sometimes all you need to reset your creativity. Rotorua has a great range of walks for all skill types and interests.

For an easy going stroll, Hamurana Springs (also known as Blue Springs) is a top pick. This scenic walk is home to some of New Zealand’s clearest waters. To get the blood pumping and creative juices flowing, Whirinaki Forest has an excellent tramp available. Not to mention the dedicated few are rewarded with beautiful waterfalls along the way.

Experience the natural phenomenons Rotorua is famous for

We probably wouldn’t be the first to tell you that Rotorua is a geothermal wonderland. Although not everyone is fond of the aroma, all can agree there’s something powerfully inspiring about the geysers and geothermal wonders Rotorua is famous for.

Rotorua has plenty of great creative activities on offer.Here are some other great activities in Rotorua and at our campground.