The top Rotorua adventures for school kids

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Sometimes the most valuable education for kids happens outside of the classroom. There is a lot to be learnt in stepping out of your comfort zone and exploring. Adventures teach valuable life skills and expand kids’ horizons. They also create lifelong memories and a car-trips full of stories to tell their parents on the way home from school camp!

Rotorua is one large adventure playground with many opportunities for school kids to explore and learn. Kids are naturally very curious and eager to explore. Help kids use that sense of wonder with these great adventures in Rotorua:

Discover farming at Agrodome

Introduce kids to a farming lifestyle at Agrodome with over 1,200 sheep and 120 cattle. Other animals include goats, deer, alpacas and ostriches. Kids love watching the world famous sheep show.

Get lost! At Amazeme

Give your school kids the opportunity to problem solve and find their way through a dense maze at Amazeme.

Give archery a go!

We provide everything you need to give archery a go including an introduction session. This will make kids feel like adventurers.

Discover Geysers at Hells Gate

Explore Rotorua’s most active geothermal park with its boiling hot pools erupting waters, Sulphur crystals and New Zealand’s largest active mud volcano. There is plenty to learn and discover at the mystical Hells Gate.

Be amazed by Glow Worms at Waimarino

Discover glow worms on a scenic sea-kayak tour through native bush on Lake Mclaren with Waimarino Glow Worm Kayaking. Discover glow worms in a cave only accessible on the water.

Soccer with a Twist

Experience soccer like you have never seen it before with a game of Mass Soccer. This game is easy to learn and a great bonding experience. Six teams compete with six players per side – prepare for (safe) chaos!