Teaching our children to care about the planet

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Today you are bombarded with media reporting on the state of the planet, it’s hard to avoid, and even harder to know how to approach it with our children, here is a quick guide to encouraging environmentally friendly habits.

Ditch the Plastic

You’ve heard this one over and over, but cutting your plastic consumption is much more approachable than you might believe.
Next time you’re off on a big shop, visit bulk stores where you can fill your own containers. Take the kids along and get them to help you fill the jars, little ones benefit much more when you get them involved!

Teach Them About Recycling

For the plastic we still have to use, explaining how and why we recycle is another great way of enhancing their understanding about managing waste. Next time you’re cleaning up after dinner, get your children to help rinse the containers and show them which are recyclable and which are not. It’s also a great way to get them to roll the recyclable bin out on rubbish day!

Take a Trip to the Beach

Days out to the beach are a fun time for the whole family to relax, swim, and enjoy the sunshine, but it’s also a great opportunity to show the little ones how to be tidy kiwis. On your next trip to the seaside bring a container, take a stroll, and collect 5 pieces of rubbish each.

Go on a Bush Walk Together

In New Zealand we are so fortunate to have incredible native bush to explore and many great tracks that lead to waterfalls and swimming holes. Make a commitment once a month to get the family out for a light trek and gentle reminder of how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful place! When children are taught to value their environment from a young age, they grow up more aware and conscious of how their habits and behaviours impact the planet. Let’s make it a collective mission to model great eco-friendly habits for our young ones!