Staying healthy when the weather doesn't agree

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Hot Milos with extra marshmallows, staying warm on the couch and sinking into a good novel are some of my favourite things about the season. Unfortunately after three months, these little favourite things start to show on the scales.

In summer it is oh so easy to stay healthy. The hot weather means you naturally go for lighter, smaller snacks. The sunshine makes you spend more time outdoors, staying more active and drinking more water. I can’t remember the last time this week I had water that wasn’t boiled and mixed in a hot drink.

“Love yourself enough to live a healthy lifestyle.”

You can still be healthy when it’s -1°C outside. Here are some enjoyable ways to stay healthy when the weather drops:

Pick a winter sport and make it a tradition

For the adventurous readers, winter sports can be very fun. If you’re wanting to look fitter, snow sports aren’t very effective – save that for the gym. If you’re wanting to keep up an exercise regime and have fun, snow sports are perfect.

Once you have found a snow sport you love, make it a tradition. When the months start getting colder, you will find yourself counting down the days until snow hits – instead of counting down until summer returns. Find fun ways to make it a tradition such as visiting a hot pool at the end of every ski trip or staying at the same hotel every visit.

Missing the water? Sign up for a six month pool membership

Every winter without fail I find myself wanting to go for a swim. The funny thing is, I hardly go swimming in summer. Yet I find myself scrolling the web through photos of people enjoying the beach out in the sun while I’m wrapped up in a blanket with fuzzy socks on.

Signing up to a membership at your local pool will make you fitter and feel better. Swimming builds endurance, muscle fitness and is great cardio. It also relieves some of that winter stress. What a fun way to stay fit!

Start an at-home fitness regime

I know if you were still going to the gym, you wouldn’t be reading this article. So I’m not going to tell you to wake up at 5am, put on some running shorts and defrost your car windscreen because I know you probably won’t.

Instead consider buying an exercise matt (often less than $10) and start floor exercises. Pushups, crunches and lunges all have different difficulty levels for people of all fitness levels. This is even more enjoyable if you have an excitable toddler – they may want to get in on the action too!