Kids can be heroes too! Teaching kids courage

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Your little man or little lady loves the idea of heroes. The idea that there is a big bad and a strong firefighter, policeman, superhero or parent who can save the day. Heroes make us feel protected. Chances are your kid has dreamed of being a hero too.

Dreams are healthy for kids. But you know what’s even better? Reality. Teach your kids courage to help them feel empowered.

“You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”

Create a culture of courage

Kids can be more intuitive than we give them credit for. They can (sometimes!) sense when we are uncomfortable. Allow your kids to see you step outside of your comfort zone – and become stronger because of this.

If you are scared of heights but your kids really really pretty please want to go to the top of the SkyTower, hold their hands and go with them. This may not be pleasant for you, but it could be a memory of a lifetime for them.

Speak highly of their bravery – in every form

Your children may feel unconfident doing something that scares them. Or perhaps they do not recognize what they are doing takes a certain type of bravery. Feed them encouragement and watch this grow them. “I love that you answered a question in class today, even though it wasn’t correct it’s great that you’re trying.” “You might not be feeling brave, but I’m proud of you for going through with your decision.”

Encourage them to not be afraid of the unknown

So your child thinks sushi looks funny because it is made from seaweed? Encourage them to try it first and then decide. Encourage your child to join the basketball team you found out about from a flyer scrunched at the bottom of their bag.