How Keswick makes exercise fun for kids

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Boooiiing! Bounce a soccerball in a wild game of mass soccer

Have you heard of mass soccer?! The kids love to play it and it is equally as entertaining to watch. This crazy fun game involves 5 or 6 soccerballs (usually), 5 or 6 goals and a ton of fun. We have six portable miniature goals onsite for this game.

Why kids love it: Have you ever played a really good game of foosball or air hockey? Have you ever tried adding an extra ball or putt to the game? Madness ensues and it is hilarious. Mass soccer is the same, however it adds an element of teamwork needed to succeed.

Hit that bullseye in a guided archery session

A bow and arrow isn't only for Robin Hood and Disney movies, at Keswick we have the opportunity for the older kids to engage in supervised archery sessions!

This is a great activity for bonding and building communication skills, while enjoying some fresh air and sunshine.

For the little ones who aren't quite ready to pull the bowstring back, we have other activities that are just as fun and built with little hands and feet in mind. Our playground is the perfect space for little explorers to play and runaround with friends, while our tyre obstacle course is a great place to enjoy some team based challenges.

Open field, open lake, open opportunities

There’s something about the sight of endlessness that just seems to motivate people. The view of a lake so large it appears to tip over the side of the earth, or a beach that stretches on for miles. For all the effort camps and schools put into building big playgrounds, fun games, and thoughtful activities, sometimes the best thing we can give kids is space. No, not metaphorical space - literal space!

Space to play, space to explore, space to just run around. We have one of the biggest playgrounds on our doorstep - Lake Rotorua. Play some water games or just splash about. Or run around on our open plains. It might just be the most fun they have all weekend.