Encouraging a healthy relationship with vegetables

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It’s a challenge many parents face, and one that divides the dinner table, but getting kids to eat their vegetables can be made stress-free and fun with these few tips!

Blend it up:

One of the biggest roadblocks to a healthy relationship with vegetables can be the earthy taste of greens! But skipping leafy and fibrous greens means missing out on a whole bunch of super essential vitamins, so next time pack them in a smoothie to gently adjust little taste buds.

Have a look at these great smoothie ideas to boost your families vege intake:

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Help out in the garden

We all know kids love to explore and get messy in the backyard. So next time you’re prepping your garden for a delicious medley of seasonal vegetables, get the little ones to help out! By teaching them about how vegetables are grown and harvested, you’re involving them in the family food process. By the time the bounty is ready to be harvested, they will feel very proud of their contribution and you’ll discover their eating habits will also greatly improve!

Check out this post on how to get kids involved in the garden:

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Give the family favourites a vege re-ramp

Mix things up in the kitchen by adding an extra serving of veg to your families most-loved dishes. And get the kids to help you out with the prep!

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Take a trip to the Famers Markets

Heading out to a local produce market on the weekend is a great way of getting kids to understand fruit and vegetable seasonality while teaching them where their food comes from. Often markets allow you to purchase fresh, organic, high-quality food for much cheaper than in stores, and getting to meet the growers is a great way of building a strong sense of community.

Check out your localshere.