Adorable stories of teacher kindness from around the web

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Most people have memories of that one teacher. The teacher who believed you would excel in maths when you were back of the class. The teacher who spun you around when you learned how to spell your name. The teacher who had faith in you. The teacher who taught you kindness.


Teachers are often naive to how their acts of kindness can follow a child throughout their life. Here are some inspiring examples of just how big of an impact a teacher can have on a child’s life.

The teacher who shaped a student’s future

When one student had high grades yet no hope for a future in academics, two teachers partnered up to ensure this student would not only go on to apply for college, but become a valedictorian and scholarship recipient.

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The teacher who saw a teenager’s hurt

Teenage years can be tough - so can being a teacher of teenagers! For the writer of this blog, her teenage years were particularly tough, until she put faith in a teacher. This teacher was wise enough to get the teenager into counselling and help turn her life around.

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The teacher who inspired a student to become a teacher

One of the most stressful parts of school is trying to choose a path in life. For one student, the kindness of her teacher inspired her and encouraged her to choose the profession of teaching.

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Bonus! 16 More short stories on teachers kindness

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