Keswick Evaluation Form

Please take this short survey and let us know what your thoughts are about our camp. We love to hear your feedback on what we can do to make your stay more pleasurable.
Please rate your responses using 1 meaning Poor to 5 meaning Excellent

Was the information sent before camp accurate, helpful and easily understood? *
Were your phone calls, faxes and emails answered and/or returned promptly? *
How friendly were our staff in meeting your groups requirements for accommodation, activities, etc,? *
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How was the presentation of the food? *
How was the quality of our food? *
How were the packed lunch options? *
Dietary requirements were met with varied substitute meals. *
How was the appearance of our kitchen staff? *
How would you rate the approachability and helpfulness of our kitchen staff? *
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Housekeeping and Maintenance
How clean would you say your accommodation was? *
How warm was your accommodation? *
How was the equipment in your accommodation? E.g Heaters, taps, etc,. *
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How was your first welcome and meeting with your host? *
How clear were instruction and briefings? *
How helpful was your host? *
How was the availability of your hosts? *
How was the approachability of your hosts? *
How was the appearance of your hosts? *
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How good was your first impression of our campsite? *
What was the general appearance of the campsite? *
How was the overall tidiness and availability of rubbish bins? *
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