Keswick Summer Convention

Keswick Summer Convention is a family camp for Christian of all denominations, and for non-Christians who are interested in knowing more about Jesus.

Come Enjoy Our Christian Event In Rotorua.

27th December 2017 – 2nd January 2018

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Vision : All one in Christ Jesus

Purpose: To provide an awesome annual family camp for all generations and denominations that sends out stronger, lighter, and refreshed Christians


Jonathan Lamb

We are very happy to be having Jonathan Lamb and his wife Margaret joining us this Keswick Summer Convention this year. Jonathan is the minister-at-large for Keswick Ministries and an IFES Vice President, travelling in the UK and around the world in Bible teaching and training. Previously he was Director of Langham Preaching, working in some 50 countries in the majority world to train pastors and preachers. He also served as the European Regional Secretary and then Associate General Secretary for IFES. He continues to travel internationally to support the work of Langham Preaching, IFES and Keswick Ministries. He is also the author of several books, including ‘Integrity: leading with God watching’ (IVP), ‘Preaching Matters: encountering the living God’ (IVP), books for pastors and preachers in the majority world on Nehemiah, Habakkuk and James, and ‘Knowing God Better: the vision of the Keswick movement’. He and his wife, Margaret, live in Oxford, England.

Adrian Russell

Adrian is really glad that God not only chooses to love and forgive unworthy people like him, but he also gives them the freedom and joy of serving in the kingdom of Jesus Christ. He is committed to getting the people of Northmead and Winston Hills to know Jesus and so be fired up and passionate for him. Adrian is husband to Rowena and father to Charlotte, William, James and Nicholas. He enjoys reading books with swords and dragons in them, watching movies with explosions and superheroes, and playing cricket in the back yard with the kids. Please feel free to check out our Keswick Summer Convention Facebook Page!