Rejuvenating Bodies at Keswick Camp

The acres of park available for training, exercise and relaxation is practically endless.

Training Camps, team bonding sessions and confidence courses are all possible at Keswick Camp. 
We are passionate about enabling you to achieve the next level when it comes to your game.

Communication, team play and strength are all essential if you want to achieve more this year. Train hard, play hard is the motto at many training camps. We can accommodate with the space you need to train hard and help you figure the rest.

We have a range of activities available including team bonding sessions, a confidence course, air rifle shooting, and archery. Every activity aims at developing a strength within your team.
With our partnership to a renowned team building program, we can customise your experience with us. Get the full potential out of your team by starting the season the right way. Build foundations, create team building exercises, and teach them the best way to communicate.
We also take care of providing the right nutrition for your team. Talk to our on-site chef to make sure your players get the food they need!

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