How to make your camp a learning experience

It is officially read a new book month! Whether you prefer the feeling of flipping pages between your fingers or tapping on a kindle, knowledge is power and reading is the gateway to knowledge.

If you are busy planning a conference or a church retreat, a school camp or a sports day, your retreat is bound to create memories for a lifetime. However, it should also do much more than that; your attendees should leave more knowledgeable than they were the day they arrived.

Consider the camp a learning experience

For your attendees, a camp is an opportunity to explore a world bigger and more unknown than their own world. This is especially true for children at school camps! The time apart from caregivers helps give children a stronger sense of self, be creative, and make new friends.

For school camps: All play and no work makes Jack a mere toy

Camp should be fun – for everyone! But not too much fun. No, really – introducing a bit of productivity into your camp and hard work goes a long way for teaching children important values such as diligence, reward and teamwork.

A team roster for chores is invaluable for teaching positive values in a helpful way, particularly for children who do not do chores at home.

For corporate retreats: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy

For corporate retreats, planning sessions, conferences and meetings, everything has a dollar value – including the loss of productivity from taking employees from their stations. Although organisers will litter pockets of fun in their corporate getaway, we still often see a tendency to keep the focus on the mission at hand.

For these retreats, we recommend avoiding the temptation to fall into a 9 – 5 schedule. Your delegates are likely expecting to break away from the 9 – 5 grind during this getaway. Make the most of our six-acre parkland and open playing field for sports activity. Reach new targets with our on-site archery. Explore Rotorua! Exercise changes the brain to improve memory and thinking skills.

Contact us for more ways we can incorporate learning into your next camp!

How to make your camp a learning experience
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